Monday, October 3, 2016

Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny (2002)

by Michael Gearin-Tosh

"What happens when a smart university professor, his life at stake, studies his options and decides his cancer should be treated, not with chemotherapy but with the "crazy" approach of good nutrition, acupuncture, visualization, and vitamins? Well, for one thing, he writes a thrilling, important, informative book. For another, he's still living productively eight years later rather than dying within months like he was supposed to. "Living Proof" is a must-read for every person -- and their loved ones -- who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Sir David Weatheral, F.R.S. University of Oxford Living Proof does underline the extraordinary chasm between the world of complementary medicine and conventional western practice. The message of the book is far-reaching and teaches us an enormous amount about the stresses and strains of living under the cloud of serious disease. It does a great service to us all."

Coda:  Michael Gearin-Tosh died in 2005 (13 years after being diagnosed with myeloma).

I read this book when it came out 14 years ago.  It was deeper than one would expect. Mr. Gearin-Tosh's approach is not for everyone, but, by living 13 years after the diagnosis of myeloma, without standard therapy, he certainly beat the odds. Today, the treatment has improved, but...

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