Monday, January 3, 2011

Twiblings: Annals of Surrogacy

Meet the Twiblings is an article about how four women (and one man) conspired to make two babies born five days apart. Melanie Thernstrom weaves a moving story about the frontiers of reproduction she explored and utilized to have her children.

It will be simpler for her to tell the "twiblings:"
"Once, there was a couple who wanted to have babies. They tried and tried, but no babies arrived, and they were very sad. But then a Fairy Goddonor brought them some magical eggs. She came from a place where it never rains, and she drove a midnight blue convertible and had long golden hair (well, currently short and aubergine). They took the eggs, and the eggs changed into the beginnings of babies, and they gave them to angel women to help them grow. So the angel women stowed the beginning of each baby in their bodies, where they grew and grew like pumpkins."