Sunday, May 8, 2016

Old Age, A Beginner's Guide (2016)

-->by Michael Kinsley

Reviewed by Shay Bintliff, M.D.

The author has tackled two not very pleasant topics according to the title. In the beginning he is blatantly honest about both topics and even adds humor to parts that are not very funny at all. He continues to weave humor even in the chapters about his brain surgery. His mentioning remembrance after death is a painful truth, however a bit off-center when stretching it to 'long term'. There surely are logical connections to almost everything discussed, even remembering Jane Austin.  

The difficult part of his book, for me, was when he ventured into grandiose political topics like Baby Boomers being the 'grandest generation'. He jumped too quickly from an individual personally speaking, to the group as a whole. This is a little too abrupt and much beyond the scope of the rest of the book.

In summary, he tries to solve the world's problems when he could have expanded on individual ways of coping better with old age and Parkinson's disease.