Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Council of Dads (2010)

My Daughters, My Illness and the Men Who Could Be Me
by Bruce Feiler

From Amazon: In 2008, bestselling author Feiler learned he had osteogenic sarcoma, a rare, life-threatening tumor in his left leg . Fearing what his absence would do to the lives of his young daughters, Feiler asked six close friends ("Men who know my voice") to help raise them. Feiler chronicles his battle with cancer, from diagnosis to recovery, as well as his sentimental but moving journey to recruit friends who can carry out his wish to teach his daughters to travel, dream, and live life to its fullest. Feiler's intimate bond with his friends makes them unusually expressive and communicative, and their own biographies lend further inspirational dimensions to the story. It's hard not to get swept along and cheer Feiler on as he fights for his life and his daughters'.

I am indebted to Linda Welsh for sending me a copy of this inspiring and important book.