Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sick Girl

by Amy Silverstein
This is an incredible journey into the life of a young heart transplant patient. Sick Girl is extraordinary both for its gripping story of a medical miracle and for its unique and forceful narrator. At just twenty-four, Amy Silverstein was your typical type-A law student: smart, driven, and highly competitive. Her memoir is made all the more dramatic by the deliriously romantic bedside courtship with her devoted boyfriend, Scott (now her husband), and her uncompromising desire to become a mother. Distrustful of her doctors and insistent in her refusal to be the "grateful heart patient" she is expected to be, Amy presents a patient's perspective that is truly eye-opening and often controversial. Her shocking honesty and storytelling skills allow us to live her nightmare from the inside--an unforgettable experience that is both painfully disturbing and utterly compelling.
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